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Are you struggling with overwhelming anxiety and stress? At times you may even feel paralyzed or stuck. Most days you find yourself living on autopilot and it is holding you back from living in the present moment. Daily activities are turning into moments of panic and this anxiety can also cause you to feel restless and on edge.


Imagine feeling more hopeful and optimistic. You are no longer holding your breath, but instead you are breathing fully and deeply. You are learning to let go of stress and your body isn't holding onto the tension anymore. Instead of isolating yourself or avoiding certain people or situations, you are more connected to yourself and others. The "what if's" don't take over anymore and you are able to loosen your grip on the need to be in control. You are enjoying the present and you are experiencing more peace, balance and fulfillment in your daily life.


Anxiety can be extremely difficult to manage and may create an unnecessary strain on your life. As your therapist, I will help you understand your individual experience with anxiety, recognize unhealthy thought patterns that are contributing to your anxiety and discover effective coping skills that will allow you to fully experience life's moments with more energy and joy. 


At Lighter Living Counseling, guidance and support will be offered to you as you learn the tools and techniques needed to release anxiety and achieve a more peaceful and balanced lifestyle. You will have a better understanding of your anxiety and learn how to effectively alleviate the daily stress and anxiety you are feeling. The insight and understanding you can gain from therapy will open up so many possibilities for you to feel more satisfied with your life.


A sense of peace and calm is within your reach and help is available to you!

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