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“My sessions with you really helped me slow things down. When I have panic attacks or lots of anxiety things seem to be going so fast and I get lost in a horrible train of thoughts and events. You helped me learn what it means to be mindful and to do things mindfully which really helped slow everything down and be able to take things one step at a time. Now things, that previously may have been a source of anxiety, don’t seem so daunting anymore.”

~ 22 year old who learned ways to cope with his anxiety

"Sheilah is phenomenal at what she does. She has provided me a space where I feel comfortable sharing my feelings and feel confident enough to work through them. I can wholeheartedly say that my overall emotional health has improved since working with her. I am currently a student in college, so my schedule is very hectic and constantly changing. Sheilah has been very empathetic to this, and is very flexible and understanding. I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone!"

~ 21 year old who discovered effective and healthy coping mechanisms to manage her anxiety and depression

Sheilah has a way of making you feel like you are talking to a friend while she subtly guides you to see things from a new perspective. She helped me through some very tough times with empathy and compassion. I always walk out of her office feeling better than when I walked in.

~ 45 year old who focused on establishing a healthier balance in her daily life

"Sheilah was amazing. When I came to her I was having severe panic attacks. In under six months, I had completely ceased on panic attacks thanks to her amazing therapy practice and have yet to have another. I learned coping skills on my anxiety, she helped me calm all the craziness in my head and feel much stronger. I am now going on almost a year without the therapy and I'm still doing better than I ever have with having dealt with my issues and learning how to prevent it from happening again with the amazing help of Sheilah. I recommend her and will continue to recommend her and therapy for years to come!"

~ 25 year old who overcame panic attacks and anxiety

“The first time we met, I was instantly able to open up rather than sit there for an hour not saying anything like with the first therapist I saw. She’s the sweetest person and is able to help me through anything, from mental health to college applications. I am so grateful to have found such an amazing therapist!"

~ 18 year old who worked through her depression

“Working with Sheilah has helped me in so many ways to build healthy habits and techniques for living with anxiety, depression, and many self-worth issues. We have been able to unpack a lot of my baggage and emotional triggers, leverage mindfulness skills, and help me change my daily life and experiences for the better. Our work has truly helped me to feel so much stronger and more capable in making it through all of the ups and downs of life!"

~ 32 year old who overcame anxiety, coped with depression,

and strengthened her self esteem

“My sessions with Sheilah have helped me improve my relationships with all the people around me. Talking to her and being able to figure things out has been refreshing and extremely helpful.

She's the best.”

~ 17 year old who worked through her feelings of anger and learned healthy coping skills

“Therapy sessions with Sheilah have really allowed me to have a judgement-free and open space where I can talk through literally anything that I’m going through and receive feedback that has allowed me to transform my life. I’ve realized that whether I’m at my best or at my lowest, therapy has helped take on a perspective in order to live my life to the fullest."

~ 19 year old who improved her self esteem and learned ways to effectively communicate

her thoughts and emotions


"Sheilah helped me get through a very very dark and rough patch that I went through. She showed me that there was light, and a great future ahead, and that I shouldn’t let the decisions of other people affect me more than it should. She motivated me, gave me the right tools to continue success, and to keep moving forward because there was great things coming ahead!"

~ 24 year old who gained confidence in navigating major life changes  


“Working with Sheilah has been a fantastic experience. Having struggled with anxiety and stress for almost a decade, I had some really ingrained and negative thought patterns. Sheilah helped me to spot the thoughts that were causing me such distress and gave me tools to create new patterns of thinking and behaving. Within one session it was clear she had placed me on the right path to recovering my old self. Looking forward to the future!"

~ 39 year old who learned healthy ways to respond to his feelings of anxiety and stress


“I would highly recommend working with Sheilah. She is a ray of sunshine when your skies are grey. She was flexible with my work hours and even took appointments over the phone. We worked together on ways to improve my mental health. I would not be where I am today on my self love journey without her guidance and non-judgmental support."

~ 28 year old who coped with emotional pain and improved her self esteem and self respect

"I originally saw Sheilah for family therapy with my mother. From the first session, I realized that I could benefit greatly from having her as my individual therapist. She has created a great space for me to vent, learn new skills, and handle trial-and-errors when it comes to accomplishing my goals. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personable, knowledgeable, and empathetic individual."

~ 24 year old who learned ways to heal and process trauma from her past

“Sheilah has been the greatest therapist I have ever had. She knows how to connect and really work on the goals you set out for yourself. She has helped me to learn to love myself and know who I am. She has helped me with my depression and anxiety as well as my eating disorder. I have become such a happy person because of her ability to help me and I look forward to seeing her each week."

~ 26 year old who learned healthy ways to cope with her anxiety, depression and eating disorder

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